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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  March 30, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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pressure test of a gas line on goalsboro drive. >> reporter: you can see behind me that activity still going on on chosen few way. osha has been called in to investigation. news copter 7 was over the scene. you can see the hole in the ground that that blast left. we're told workers are contractors with cream rich construction out of hackensack. two workers were also sent to the hospital for observation. the workers were testing that new gas line. they forced pressurized air through that line as a test. they say it is standard procedure. something obviously went horribly wrong, and caused the explosion. they point out, though, there was no gas in the line at all, just that pressurized air. two of those workers are being treated at jersey medical
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third worker and the two police officers were taken to bayonne medical center. their injuries are being called minor. back live now here on chosen few way. that intersection will be shut down for a while, while investigators continue to try to figure out exactly what caused that blast. for now, we're live in bayonne, eyewitness news. the new york police department and the justice department have agreed to address what are called unconstitutional police practices, including stop and frisk. the police department has agreed to make 12 major reforms and they include improving officer training, revising search and seizure procedures, changing use of force policies, and applying body cameras. new york city officials now say 90 people are homeless after a huge fire in brooklyn. the blaze destroyed five three
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avenue in bushwick. the fire started at about 10:00 last night, but was not brought under control until about 1:30 a.m. residents took temporary shelter on mta buses. >> right now, we just have to roll with the punches i guess. we have nothing. we have our family, and that's it. >> in all, 11 people suffered minor injuries. we'll hear more from the fire victims coming up in a live report at 12:30. turning now to the race for president, hillary clinton returning to new york and making a campaign stop in harlem. before a rally at the apollo theater, mrs. clinton stopped by the make my cake bakery. more on today's events. >> reporter: david, as you certainly know, april 19, that is the date of the new york primary for both democrats and republicans. this is kind of the unofficial kickoff of the last big push of
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that big vote in new york state on april 19. hillary clinton due in new york. things running a little behind at the apollo theater in harlem. she did launch her new tv ad in new york state this morning. it looks ahead to the general election, and the likelihood that she will be running against donald trump. she talks about building walls, putting up borders and also banning peep based on their religion. she says in the tv ad, here in new york, we certainly know better. >> i think that every candidate has to be responsible for what happens in their campaign and as i've said repeatedly, what donald trump has been doing over these last months is inciting violent behavior. >> reporter: and on the republican side john kasich will be here this afternoon, campaigning in the city. tomorrow, it is bernie sanders in the bronx, and also hillary clinton tomorrow in westchester.
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for now, reporting live inside the apollo theater in harlem, dave edleson, sigh witness news. mr. trump discussed the assault accusations against corey lewandowski on "good morning america." lewandowski is accused of grabbing a reporter at a press event. trump says he was grabbed first, and lewandowski was coming to his aid. >> you see him trying to get her hand off my arm. she shouldn't be grabbing me, if you want to be technical about it, maybe should i be filing charges against her? >> trump was also asked about the pledge to support whoever republican gets the nomination. he called it a nonissue, because he says he will be the gop nominee.
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remembering former new york scapetta. he is credited with helping rebuild the department after the 9/11 attacks. he died last thursday at the age of 83. here's a live look now at the service, held at the children's center in manhattan that was named after scapetta. the new york city council hearing is underway. bus ticket sellers can operate in times square. the council is discussing a bill that would allow the city's department of transportation to create rules and regulations for commercial activity in all pedestrian plazas. business, and unions rallied on the steps of city hall today. they claim the change would limit their work area and would cause them to lose money. the india point nuclear power plant will remain shut down for weeks while faulty bolts are in place.
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stainless steel bolts were either missing or so degraded they needed to be replaced. the company says the bolts cause no issue to public safety. the man accused of hijacking a plane in egypt faced a judge this morning. this as new details are emerging about his possible motive and criminal past. the hostages from that plane are also speaking out. elizabeth her has the latest. >> reporter: good afternoon to you, officials said all along, they do not believe this was an act of terrorism, but we're told the suspect is still facing a laundry list of charges. he left court this morning,
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turns out this isn't his first runin with the law. he has a history of petty cream, including forgery, burglary, and drug dealing. now he stands for hijacking this plan in cairo, and diverting the plane to cypress. >> i thought he would just take the plane, and crash it in the sea and die or he's going to explode. >> reporter: one of dozens of hostages escaped early, and appearing on live tv. also speaking out is ben who took this incredible picture with the hijacker, shortly after running across the tarmac to safety. and is telling a british paper i'm not sure why i did it. i just threw caution to the wind, while trying to stay
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the motive could be a family feud. mustafa did ask to speak to his former wife who lives in cypress, then surrendering nearly 7 hours after the ordeal began. prosecutors just told abc news when asked why he did it, mustafa allegedly told police, when one has not seen his family in 24 years what can he do? the son of a billionaire busted. a wall street executive accused of trying to scam investors out of $95 million. what's at the center of the alleged scheme and how did he get caught? >> also, jessica alba's honest company, brand underfire again. why it's accused of some not so honest advertising. >> i'm meteorologist bill evans here in the weather center. what a nice spring day outside. 48 even monticello. 50 newark, 47 jamaica queens. got a little light wind.
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police in nassau county warning parents about an attempt to lure two 10-year-old girls into a car. the girls were walking monday evening along montauk. the driver of a sedan tried to get them into his car and circled back around for a second attempt. the girls ran until they got home and told a parent who called police. the ceo of the brussels
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months for it to fully reopen following last week's deadly bombing. arnaud feis ts says the building has to be completely rebuilt. it's unclear when the airport will resume partial service. 32 people were killed in the attacks at the airport and subway last week. 90 people remain in the hospital. terminex has been ordered to pay a $10 million fine for nearly wiping out an entire family. officials say its workers sprayed a luxury suite at a virgin islands resort with a toxic pesticide that nearly killed a vacationing family last year. terminex has agreed to pay the fine and to stop using the pesticide on the u.s. mainland and its territories. actress jessica alba's health and beauty company is facing another lawsuit. the company is called honest. and is said to be free of sls.
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street journal reported on independent lab tests that found sls in laundry detergents sold by the company. a class action lawsuit claims labeling by honest is knowingly deceptive. they faced a lawsuit last year over its sunscreen. >> lawsuits and claims over deceptive marketing practices has potential of doing great damage to the brand. >> alba's company vehemently denies all the allegations and tells abc news, it takes responsibility to its customers seriously. stop at a gas station turns into a nightmare. watch as a would be robber holds a knife to a customer's neck, but the victim gives the crook much more than he bargained for. william shatner facing a $170 million lawsuit by a man who claims to be his son. hear what the star has to say about it. >> and taking a live look outside.
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like a lamb, but can we say the same for the start of april? meteorologist bill evans is accuweather forecast. >> we want to hear from you. join us tonight for an
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lots of interest in the fiat 500 hatchback. bidding currently underway after the archdiocese put it up for auction. you have to go to if you want to buy on it. right now, the bid is $100,000. not bad when you consider the fiat was purchased for $82,000. cardinal dolan will bless the car. the proceeds go to catholic schools and charities. >> i liked it. >> a ride to the promiseland. >> you feel like you've got a heads up. an edge on everybody else. >> with a cut out of the pope there. >> he's such a great guy. i was doing the weather the other day, he says it is going to be great weather for the pope, right? >> put the pressure on the guy.
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would know but you? >> got a pipeline. >> absolutely. i need that every now and then too. we've got a beautiful lunchtime temperature here too. and beautiful weather. that's the c streak going down the east river. the taxi drivers are working it. we're going to have temperatures that are going to warm up into the upper 50s. it's 52 right now. and we're not far off our normal average after the high. look at that humidity. 21%, and a light wind at 3. that wind is going to go around to the south. some places already seeing a light south wind. generally when the wind speed is below 10 miles per hour, the part kind of shows up as a light wind. pretty strong high pressure over us and the high so far is 52 degrees today. it will warm up into the upper 50s this afternoon, normal is 55. a beautiful sunset at 7:19. it's 47 around jfk where there is a little bit of that
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48 around islip. mostly low 40s elsewhere. there's that southerly wind coming up here. the south facing shores will be a little cooler. coming around a is southerly wind to a southwest wind. which will warm things up into tonight and into tomorrow. no clouds all the way back to the ohio valley. eventually, this front comes to us. that's going to be on friday. this high pressure ridge will hold us off for one more day. this afternoon, we're in the mid-50s, then tomorrow morning, we start off in the upper 40s, and mid-40s. then we're going to be looking by afternoon at 68 to 70 degrees around the hudson river valley, and down the jersey shore. here comes the rain friday at 6:00 a.m. this temperature will be in the 60s and the rain plows through, and colder air comes in friday night. nice and mild, plenty of sunshine, 57. partly cloudy tonight, 45. sunny and warmer tomorrow. we've got light clouds during
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then we're going to be looking at temperatures getting colder for april. april says uh-uh. it's going to be cold. as we get into the weekend, certainly 45 and a gusty wind on sunday, it's cold, and then monday for the yankees home opener. just wear a yankee jacket. your yankee gloves, yankee hat. >> all the gear we can get. >> yankee ear muffs, and we'll be ready. case of bad behavior on the subway. young children caught on camera terrorizing passengers. find out what their guardian did about it all. >> school bathroom snoop. a high school student accused of snapping a photo of a
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well now to some of the stories that were caught on camera, and caught our attention. we're going to begin with a violent attempted robbery in ska ineffectiveny. >> i thought i was going to die. the tip of the knife was right between my eyes. at that moment, it was so
12:24 pm
if i don't do anything i'm going to die. >> that customer fought off the attacker. the manager helps him push the crook to the door. unfortunately, that crook got away. children running wild and out of control on a subway in philadelphia. police say four boys, 6, to 7 years old. hit, punched, even spit at drivers. >> as a parent, you're alarmed for the well-being of those children. this is a case at 6:00 a.m., when we identify them, we're going to be breaking down their door and dragging them out in little handcuffs. that's not the goal. the goal is to get them help. >> they have alerted the department of children services. the price of cooling down this summer with an ice cream cone could be a good deal
12:25 pm
the spike in the price of vanilla beans. the world's leading producer, madagascar has suffered a poor harvest for the beans, and that has pushed prices more than three times higher. some new information this afternoon on hospital chains battle again hackers. med star health says that its hospitals in the washington, d.c. area are significant, or are making significant progress toward restoring their computer system. the fbi is investigating the cyber attack on ten hospitals and affiliated physicians. evidence of information stolen or compromised. of all the important things to call 911 for, an incorrect pizza order probably ranks among the bottom. >> my order had more cheese and half bacon and they bring me a half hamburger.
12:26 pm
don't want to bring my money back. they keep hanging on me. >> that's not a police matter, ma'am. >> the dispatcher, as you here, informed the car that 911 is for life-threatening emergencies only. she did however offer to have an officer meet her at the pizza shop to help find a resolution. the pizza shop in hartford, connecticut, said the incident happened several weeks ago and they would have been happy to replace the order, but the woman had already eaten half of the pie. >> that's such a head shaking story, i don't even know where to begin. we have much more ahead. coming up, we're live at the scene of a fast moving 6 alarm fire that devastated a block in brooklyn. what spread those fires. >> plus, a wall street executive accused of swindling
12:27 pm
>> eyewitness news comes right
12:28 pm
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our top stories this three workers and two officers are injured at an explosion at
12:30 pm
one of the workers is in critical condition. they were pressure testing when it exploded. >> hillary clinton now at a rally in new york city. you're looking at the event in apollo in harlem. she released a new tv ad that takes aim at donald trump and his immigration policies. bernie sanders comes to town tomorrow. the new york state primary is april 19. good afternoon, i'm david navarro. >> i'm maureen stokes in for shirleen allicot. we want to start with new details about that six-alarm fire. >> it's very dramatic from the fire last night in brooklyn. at least 11 people were hurt. now crews are trying to figure out if the buildings will have to be torn down. >> reporter: david, firefighters are still on the scene of what was a six-alarm fire here in this bushwood neighborhood. i can show you, the firemen
12:31 pm
overlooking the buildings here that have been destroyed by this fire. 90 people have been left homeless at this noon hour, having lost everything. >> my house got destroyed. i wasn't expecting this when i got home from work. >> reporter: a devastating loss for marilyn moricilio. quickly spreading between five to seven buildings. this raging inferno went to six alarms. you can see how the fire consuming these buildings. it is believed to have started inside one building, which also housed a church. >> we didn't hear anything, we didn't smell anything. >> reporter: fire officials said the fire spread quickly, not because of the wind, but because of the way these
12:32 pm
>> i think the construction of these buildings, they're attached framed buildings and that's what happens. >> it was horrible. like there was smoke and the water from the firefighters and a whole bunch of fire, black smoke. it was just, it was crazy. glass all over the place. 90 people, city officials say, have been left homeless. some boarded buses in the early morning hours where the red cross helped them find temporary shelter, food, and clothing. >> we lost everything, and we're going to a shelter, to a hotel. >> all my stuff is still upstairs. i have to see if i can get half of my things, which is impossible, because everything is completely garbage you know? i came home to nothing today. >> reporter: certainly a devastating loss for many of these families. 90 people have been left homeless. fire officials assessing whether or not these buildings have to be torn down. also, people tweeted in the
12:33 pm
top of these two buildings there were two very large pigeon coops. >> we do not know if those pigeons were able to fly away. reporting live the at bushwood. eyewitness news. police are searching for a man and a woman wanted in a violent home invasion in east harlem. take a look at the suspects. after they were inside, they beat the man unconscious, then took, jewelry, cash, and electronics from his apartment. he's expected to recover. a social worker tells eyewitness news, she tried to warn child welfare officials about a disturbing case of abuse, but they did nothing about it. caesar gonzalez is charged with sexually abusing seven foster boys inside what officials call a house of horrors. investigators say there could be many more victims. the suspect fostered some 140 boys in this home over 20 years. social worker debby edwards tells eyewitness news, she
12:34 pm
of a problem there, but no one would listen. >> you didn't know they were being sexually abused. >> i had a feeling. i never felt professionally supported for that feeling. >> after the complaints, edwards says she was prohibited from speaking to the foster man. joining new york in banning nonessential travel to north carolina, because of the state's new law preventing anti- discrimination measures. last night in chapel hill, those opposed to the law, closed off a street. some are saying the nba should move the 2017 all-star game from charlotte. critics are saying it's allowing discrimination against transgender and other groups. many are asking why a
12:35 pm
the son of a billionaire, would swindle investors out of $95 million, but prosecutors say. he swindled investors. >> reporter: it's like a scene straight out of the popular showtime series, billions. going after a crooked wall street tycoon. >> walk away. >> i should. >> reporter: but in real life, it's this wall street executive, 39-year-old andrew casperson, who is in hot water with the law. not for insider trading, but for allegedly stealing $25 million in investment money from a chairty. prosecutors allege casperson created fake companies, websites, and even email addresses to make it appear he was running a legitimate investment fund. they say asking investors for as much as $95 million. after a charity handed over the
12:36 pm
investigators caught up with casperson. >> he got asked for the money back. he didn't have it anymore. so he started trying to cover his tracks real quick, and he got sloppy. >> reporter: while authorities haven't identified the nonprofit, an environmental group, the moore foundation has come forward saying it was the charity duped. >> this is a guy who made a good salary, he comes from money, a very wealthy family. right now, it's unclear why he did it. greed is obviously one possibility. >> reporter: the investment bank casperson worked for says it has fired him. telling abc news, we were stunned and outraged. casperson's crimes would make him a target on his show. >> it's beyond the pale that somebody in a position holding themselves out as a trusted investment adviser would actually be taking the money, if he did the crimes with which he's accused, chuck rhodes
12:37 pm
>> reporter: abc news. a weather turn now to meteorologist bill evans. >> here we go. looking at temperatures the next 7 hours, coming on into the mid-50s. 3:00, 4:00, somewhere in there, we're going to be seeing about 57 degrees. you see 56 here this afternoon to 57. partly cloudy skies tonight. great weather for after school sports. a light wind going south- southwest. 57degrees. going to be great for after school. get outside, and enjoy it. it gets really warm tomorrow. last day of march is going to be great. we'll talk about that and april fools' day next in your accuweather forecast. back to you. a disturbing invasion of privacy. a high school student accused of taking a photo of a classmate using the bathroom, and that's not all she apparently did. >> an incredible act of kindness. a homeless man walks into a i'm chris bosh. when i was sidelined with blood clots in my lung, it was serious. fortunately, my doctor had a game plan.
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a brooklyn mother hoping someone will come forward to help find the killer who took her son's life. amany miller lured into the bay view house this month, that's where someone stabbed, and tortured the 23-year-old. his body was found on monday afternoon. but police have not found any witnesses willing to come forward. >> i just want somebody to please help me and come forward, and just say something.
12:41 pm
the image of a cab that they believe drove off with two people who could have been the attackers. however, police can't make out the license plate. anyone with information, asked to call crimestoppers. sheldon silver has been disbarred. the 72-year-old was convicted in november in a $5 million corruption case. he is expected to be sentenced next month, but he is pushing for a new trial. his lawyers have tried to prevent his disbarment until after that trial. >> a 17-year-old girl was accused of invading another teenager's privacy by taking a photo of her using the bathroom. police say the 17-year-old, kaley barnhill took the picture of another girl inside the bathroom at sterling high school last week. investigators say she put the photo on the social media app snapchat, and it was then shared by other people. >> these children nowadays,
12:42 pm
just don't think what they're doing. no matter what the parents tell them, they still go on upon themselves to do these crazy things. they don't think about it, that later in the future, this is going to be on their record. >> barnell is charged with improper photograph in a bathroom or a changing room. the school says she is no longer a student on the campus. she is due in court later this week. actor william shatner slapped with a $1, -- a $170 million paternity suit.
12:43 pm
12:44 pm
12:45 pm
we're back now with william shatner, facing a shock paternity suit.
12:46 pm
his biological son and is suing him for $170 million. >> reporter: now at the tender age of 85, william shatner has been slapped with a paternity suit from peter sloan, aka, peter shatner. >> when i look at his face, i see myself, in many ways. >> reporter: sloan says he was given up for adoption as a newborn. he claims he did some detective work and discovered his mom was a canadian actress named cathy mcneil, whom he says had an affair with you know who in toronto in the 1950s. he says he confronted shatner about it more than 50 years ago, on the set of tj hooker. >> he basically admitted that he was my father, and asked what he could do to help me. >> reporter: he says he met shatner again in 2010 at comic- con, where he introduced shatner to his daughter, ann. >> she whispered in his ear,
12:47 pm
the expression on his face was very telling. >> reporter: he's worked as an actor too, but if he was hoping for the sort of tearful reunion. >> very proud to be your son. >> reporter: that captain kirk's long lost son got in the wrath of khan, it was not to be. publicly, shatner has treated the paternity suit more like his character did in boston legal. shatner himself denied the whole thing in a radio interview. >> is he not your son? he kind of looks like you a >> well everybody looks like me. >> reporter: sloan says it's not about the $170 million. he says he just wants a dna test. >> i'll be darned if i'll be called a liar. down to. >> reporter: david wright, abc news, new york. the winner of a design competition is all the talk in urban planning for what it proposes to do to central park. here's a look at the plan.
12:48 pm
a side scraper, covers in glass to give unprecedented views. on top of that, the design calls for lowering the entire park to create a sunken space with maroons for lakes, hills and meadows. a lot of you are going what? if you're not a fan, don't worry, it's just a plan to inspire architects. there aren't any plans for it to become a reality. >> good, because we're saying what. >> we'll do it for $95 million. >> add for some, others would lose the views. it's funky. it's architecture. there's a lot of building going on today, and it's a great day for it. here's a live look from our camera. the empire state building. right on down to one world trade. you can see toward the statue of liberty. we can see staten island in the distance as well.
12:49 pm
a lovely spring day. temperature 52. dry humidity, light north wind. pressure has been falling, but it's at 37. we've got a real nice high pressure ridge over us, giving us great weather. the normal high is 55. this temperature should get to 57 later on this afternoon. a little cooler in some spots, shores. 42 degrees. but it's 48, 46, with a southerly wind coming in, the inland areas warm up a bit. clear skies are all the way back here to the ohio valley. eventually, this area of rain comes to us in the form of a front that will chill things down for the weekend. however, this afternoon we're at 53, 54, 57, 59 degrees. then tonight, the temperatures don't drop a whole lot. by the time we start the day tomorrow, we're in the upper 40s. by the afternoon, we're in the upper 60s. a great day to close out march.
12:50 pm
then in april, we start on friday, with april fools' day. no fooling. they'll be rain for the morning commute, most likely through the afternoon, and into the evening commute. nice and mild this afternoon, plenty of sun. 57. partly cloudy tonight. low 45. tomorrow, it's warmer, it's great, it's late clouds. it's 69 degrees. we're looking at sunshine on saturday. but a little chillier day. there's a chance of a sprinkle with this cold air popping in. sunday is a cold day. it's 45, we've got gusts of wind. then on monday, well, it's brisk, it's chilly. we're going to be looking at temperatures that will be around 48. game time temperature for the yankees about 42, and late in the game there might be a shot at a snowflake. but tomorrow on this very fine news broadcast, i'm going to be mowing the lawn. >> really, about time. >> in central park. >> the first low. >> and i'm the lawn boy.
12:51 pm
>> that sounds fun, all right. an entire town may be up for sale in southern nevada. calnavaer. it was developed by nancy and slim kidwell when they bought a diverted air strip. nancy says it's time to sell. listen. just get a couple sheckles, or $8 million you can have a town right there in southern nevada. >> $8 million? >> but it's your town. we'll be right back, as we go to the break here's a sneak
12:52 pm
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hi everybody, i'm diana williams in the newsroom. here's what's coming up on eyewitness news. a woman says she was given a bogus bill at the bank of all places. 7 on your side has ways to protect yourself from getting any funny money, and we're going to work a parking lot attendant who won millions. those stories on eyewitness news at 4.
12:56 pm
we're going to start with a national guardsman racing against the clock to get a kidney transplant. his military contract expired. was about to lose his insurance coverage, then a marine corps veteran stepped in to save the day. dustin brown's plea for help began with a social media post. pleading to the world that he desperately needed a kidney. brown had reached stage 5 kidney failure, and about to lose insurance, because his time with the guard was up. but a 44-year-old was willing to give a kidney to a fellow soldier in need. it was a match and brown and his family could not be any more grateful. isn't that great? >> terrific. a post about generosity, and giving people a chance is going viral. a 25 daughter of immigrants worked hard to open a restaurant in minneapolis. when a homeless man asked for money, shewasn't working. she offered him a job and a sandwich. first, he gave half the
12:57 pm
in need, then strap on an apron, and he's been working at the restaurant ever since. i want you to work at this meme. a little boy who required stitches to close a gash in his head, caused by a hockey puck. it's shared with sports fans around the country. the meme is of james evans. it reads i don't always talk a puck to the head and get three stitches, but i tell the doctor to hurry so i can get back to the rampage. he wanted to see his team play, and he got back to the game after getting stitches in his head. it's a minor leg team of the
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